Tamiya M03/M05/M07 series and/or 3 Racing MG EVO Mini, assembled as per Instruction Manual.

No chassis/power train modifications allowed, with the exception of the differential which may be of any style (eg spool, ball diff, open gear diff, or sealed gear diff, except one way), from any manufacturer. Third party differentials that change the internal gear ratio are explicitly prohibited.

Motor/ESC Combo

Hobbywing Max 10 Combo – 60 Amp ESC Model No 30102602, 3300kv Motor Model No 30402600
Or - 13T/3000KV Hobbywing OEM or re-branded COMPLETE SYSTEM with max 60 amp ESC and engraved /etched can. No modifications are permitted to motors. 
3400kv max when tested.


Any commercially available rubber M-Chassis sized tire, in any combination and/or compound, with any insert.


Bearings and Tamiya/3 Racing Hot-ups intended for the specific car permitted, with the following exceptions – official Tamiya optional alloy/carbon components may be replaced with an equivalent aftermarket part.

Tamiya M-07 may additionally use aftermarket alloy front uprights (but not C-Hubs) and also the Arion Racing and Yeah Racing SWB conversion alloy rear uprights. 

No Carbon chassis plates.

Dampers/Springs are open.


Body shells are open, with the following restrictions – No Post 1980 4 door Touring Sedans, or 12th scale type Wedge/Can-am bodies.


Any 2S, hard cased, Lithium Polymer battery charged to a maximum of 8.4 volts (+/- 0.04V).  The battery must fit the chassis without modification to the battery pack or chassis.


Tamiya Cars - 20 Tooth, 06 module pitch (Mod 0.6) pinion max.

3 Racing MG EVO  Mini - 80 tooth spur, 28 tooth pinion, 48 diametrical pitch (dp).


Minimum weight limit of 1330 grams (with transponder).