1/10th Scale Four-wheel drive is allowed. Chassis must have independent suspension on all four wheels. Each driven wheel must have a flexible joint, eg: dog bone/s or universal joint/s in its driveshaft. Drive train and suspension design is free from restriction.

Flat Pan (1/12th and 1/10th Track Style) chassis are not allowed. The Chassis must not be shaped to gain an aerodynamic advantage.

In principle the underside of the chassis must be flat and parallel to the ground along the entire length of the body-shell. Aerodynamic shaped parts (splitters/diffusers/tunnels/etc) may not be fitted to the chassis.


Muchmore Racing - Fixed Timing Spec Motor. FLETA ZX V2 17.5T with standard rotor - Brushless Motor with Zero timing.

Motor Modifications

NO! modifications are allowed in any way at all. This includes any enhancements, improvements, tuning up, shimming, ceramic Bearings, Timing and winding alterations. The Motor to be run is out of the box as is and tampering in any way at all is NOT ALLOWED!.

General cleaning of motor and lubing of original bearings is allowed.


Speed Controllers as per ROAR BRCA list. Speed controllers eligible for Stock classes must provide zero timing advance, along with disabling advanced motor control functions (i.e. Boost, Cheat Mode, Turbo, etc). When the "0 Boost" profile is enabled, it shall be indicated by a blinking LED while the ESC is armed and in neutral position.

Body Shell

2 Door GT Style Bodies ONLY - 190mm

Any 190mm GT1, 2 and 3 body style. CAN-AM, LMP1, LMP2 (Prototype) or IMSA style bodies, similar to 1/12th, 1/10th pan or 1/8th bodies using an integrated wing are ILLEGAL. Example: Porsche 962 style bodies or LeMans LMP1 and LMP2 style.

No fantasy or concept vehicles. If it’s not a car brand used in GT, it’s not legal.

Eligibility of new shells will be at the discretion of the race director and rules committee. Current shells available in the market are currently allowed.


Any brand 36 Rubber tyres. (24mm)

Hop Ups

Any hop up available from any manufacturer.


Any 2 cell Hard-cased approved 7.4 Lipo packs as listed on the ROAR or EFRA websites.


FDR Gearing - is to be set between 3.6 Min and 4.0 Max


Minimum 1320 grams ready to run including transponder.