Formula 1


Any commercially available 1:10 scale rear wheel drive F1 or Indy Car chassis with a T-bar, Pivot Ball Link or independent rear suspension. 4WD’s must have drive to the front wheels disabled. Any hop ups specifically available for that chassis are allowed. Modellers may build their own Chassis following the rules in the “Appendix – Custom Chassis”.


Brushless: Any 21.5T brushless motor with any rotor. Any end bell timing is allowed. Brushed: Any 540 size 27 turn Johnson or Mabuchi silver can motor which may not be modified or tampered with in any way


Brushless: Any ESC that does not have dynamic timing ie; boost or turbo timing options, or any ESC that has a Blinky mode ie; a flashing light denotes that no dynamic timing is enabled, is allowed.

Body Shell

Any F1 body shell. Painting your shell in past or current full scale F1 team colours is encouraged but any paint scheme is allowed. Driver head / helmet must be fitted. Painting of the driver’s helmet and overalls is encouraged.


Any wing designed for the chassis or body shell in use is allowed. Touring Car wings may not be used. Custom built wings are only allowed on a Custom Built Chassis (refer to Appendix).


Rubber or Foam F1 tyres. No wheels or tyres manufactured for a class other than F1 may be used unless the manufacturer lists it as the primary wheel/tyre for that chassis eg; Corally. Guidance to clubs: Rubber tyres are recommended, however, it is recognised that foam tyres are more practical for some surfaces including; carpet tracks that do not use traction compound, astro turf and some other surfaces. It is recommended that a track specify either Rubber tyres, or Foam tyres, when running an event.


Cars must be assembled as per instruction manual and no chassis/powertrain modifications allowed. With the exception of the included/optional differential which may be modified to give a locked/spool action. After market differentials/spools are permitted. One-way diffs are specifically prohibited.


Any 2 cell Hard-cased approved 7.4 Lipo packs as listed on the ROAR or EFRA websites.


0, 18 OR 16 Tooth pinions only.


Minimum weight 1000g (with transponder).

Hop Ups

ESC, bearings and Tamiya Hop-ups only permitted, with the following exceptions - Official Tamiya optional ALLOY components may be replaced with an equivalent aftermarket part.
Protective bumpers are permitted providing they are of essentially foam constructions with no hard mounting points contacting the body shell.
After market rear body mount support/braces are also permitted.


Maximum width 205mm.

Driving Aids

No electronic driving aids (steering control by gyroscope, Drag Reduction System, wheel speed sensors, etc). Transmitter functions are allowed.