2023 TFTR KWR Engineering Masters



Thursday 26 January 2023

  • Track open all day
  • Open practice – if it gets too busy then we will move to controlled practice by class

Friday 27 January 2023

  • Track open all day
  • Open practice – if it gets too busy then we will move to controlled practice by class

Saturday 28 January 2023

  • 9am drivers briefing
  • Qualifying – 4 rounds for all classes

Sunday 29 January 2023

  • 1 round of Qualifying for all classes starting at 9am
  • Finals - 3 mains for all classes

Depending on the weather forecast, the club reserves the right to amend the schedule which could involve bringing forward some or all of the qualifiers to Friday.


Track Layout

The “Masters” layout will be used for the event and run in a clockwise direction up the back straight (up the hill).


Event Coverage

Event timing will be available via the TFTR LiveTime site.

The event will also be live streamed straight to the TFTR YouTube channel.



Classes and caps include:

  • ISTC 21.5T – 30 entries
  • ISTC 13.5T – 20 entries
  • ISTC Modified – 20 entries
  • 12th Scale Open – 10 entries

Demonstration classes (must have 5 cars minimum to run include):

  • Kyosho – 20 entries
  • TCR – 20 entries

No cross entry between Touring Car classes permitted.

While this is not a RCRA sanctioned event, RCRA class rules apply unless otherwise stated in this document. 


Race Fees

  • $30 for first class ($20 for Kyosho)
  • $20 for each additional class
  • $40 per set of control tyres )practice and race available to order pre-event) 


Entries Close

  • Entries close midnight Friday 20 January 2023


    Control Tyres

    Control tyres for all touring car classes are:

    • Solaris 36 White Spokes
    • Tyres used for qualifying and finals must be pre-purchased from the club
    • Practice sets can be ordered through the club before the event or directly from KWR Engineering (www.kwrengineering.com.au)
    Control tyres for TCR (front) are:
    • Solaris 40 White Spokes
    • Rear tyres for TCR must be spoked, with rubber tyres. 

    Tyres for 12th scale class is open.


    Tyre Limits For Touring Car Classes

    ISTC Modified - 4 sets
    ISTC 13.5T - 3 sets
    ISTC 21.5T - 2 sets
    Kyosho - 1 set
    TCR – 1 set


    Tyre Rules

    • Controlled Tyres will be used for Kyosho, 21.5T, 13.5T, and Modified Touring Car classes as well as TCR (front only).
    • Tyres will be available for purchase at entry as well as additional sets (up to maximum allowances) at designated times during the weekend.
    • There are to be no modifications made to the tyre assembly (i.e. air holes in the rims must not be made bigger).
    • Re-gluing and tyre balancing is allowed.
    • Tyres will be marked by the race organisers and checked regularly, tyres are allocated to you and your class.
    • Tyres may be interchanged within the sets purchased by a driver for that class without penalty.
    • If tyres are damaged the tyre assembly may not be used.
    • It is the drivers’ responsibility to ensure that all identifying marks on the tyre assembly are not damaged.
    • You may not use another entrant’s tyre(s).
    • Tyres must be collected prior to racing and must be returned before you leave the track on Saturday. Drivers failing to return tyres on Saturday will be disqualified.
    • Tyres are property of the entrant at the conclusion of the event.


    Tyre Additive

    This is a Controlled Additive and tyre cleaner event. Both cleaner and additive will be provided at no cost during Saturday and Sunday.

    • SIMSpec Engineering non “TOXIC” Tyre cleaner
    • SIMSpec Engineering GRIP HACK Tyre Sauce

     You can purchase cleaner and additive from SIMSpec Engineering before the event if you would like to practice with it (www.simspec.com.au)


    Electrical Safety And Air Compressors 

    In the interests of safety, the event organisers recommend that 240V electrical equipment be tested for safety prior to the event (i.e power supplies, soldering irons, power boards).
    We reserve the right to refuse the use of any equipment considered unsafe.
    Compressors – the club air compressor will be available for use by all entrants.
    Personal air compressors may not be used to reduce noise and potential power spikes.



    1st, 2nd and 3rd places in each class will receive a trophy.
    Concourse trophy (body and chassis) for best painted body shell.
    All classes will be judged for Concourse together prior to the first qualifier. To be eligible for concourse, body must be used at some stage during the event.



    MyLaps and AMBrc transponders are supported.
    MRT mPTX personal transponders are supported.
    Club transponders can be made available if required.



    Undercover benches are available with first preference to our interstate and country guests.
    Local competitors are welcome to bring their own tents, tables and chairs if they do not wish to pit in the undercover area – there is ample room for these.



    To be announced.


    Event Rules

    Technical regulations:
    • All cars will be subject to typical weight and measure checks.
    • All bodies will be checked and marked.
    • The multimeter to be used for battery voltage testing will be available for checking battery voltages during Friday practice. It is the racers responsibility to ensure that their batteries are not overcharged.
    • No cross entry allowed between sanctioned Touring Car classes.
    • No cross entry allowed between 12th Scale classes.

    13.5T and 21.5T motors:

    • Any approved (ROAR, BRCA, RCRA, EFRA) 13.5T or 21.5T motor can be used.
    • To speed up the process of car scrutineering, all 13.5T and 21.5T motors will need to be presented to scrutineering for checking and tagging prior to the start of qualifying.
    • The tag must not be removed under any circumstances during the course of the event, it is the driver’s responsibility to make sure their motors have been through scrutineering.
    • Should a motor become damaged or unusable, a new one can be presented to the scrutineer and have it tagged.
    • Failure to comply will result in disqualification of that round.

    Specific class rules can be found here:

    • RCRA rules can be found here
    • TCR class rules can be found here (with the exception of a controlled front tyre).
    • Kyosho class rules can be found here.


    Code Of Conduct

    This meet will be run in accordance with the TFTR Code of Conduct which is available on our website here.
    The aim is for all drivers to have fun and we will have a zero tolerance approach to any poor sportsmanship, bad language, or general breaches of the code.



    The closest accommodation to the track is as follows:

    • Crystal Brook Tourist Park
      182 Heidelberg-Warrandyte Road, Doncaster East
      3.8km away - Website
    • Quest Doncaster
      845-855 Doncaster Road, Doncaster
      5.4km away - Website
    • Beau Monde International
      934-938 Doncaster Road, Doncaster East
      7km away - Website