GT 10


 Any commercially available 1/10 scale 200mm rear wheel drive pan car chassis with T-bar, V-Link or Pivot Ball Link. Independent rear suspension is not allowed. 


Any ROAR approved 13.5t brushless motor with any ROAR approved rotor upgrades. Any end bell timing is allowed.


Any ESC that does not have dynamic timing i.e. boost or turbo timing options; Or any ESC that has a Blinky mode i.e. a flashing light denotes that no dynamic timing is enabled, is allowed. 

Body Shell

Any LM or GT style body shells on the approved body list provided by IFMAR, EFRA, ROAR or BRCA may be used. Additional side dams may not be fitted. Only side dams molded into the original body shell are allowed. Body shell may not be trimmed higher than the lower body trim lines - wheel arches must be cut out. No part of the chassis, wheels, tyres, suspension or electrical equipment may be visible outside the body shell when viewed in any plane, except for directly from the rear of the chassis. 


Only one rear wing, molded into the body shell, may be used. An additional gurney flap may be fitted, provided it does not exceed the height of the originally molded rear wing. No holes or slots are allowed on the body or wing, except for body post, aerial and club rental transponder holes.


Only 1/10 scale pan car foam tyres may be used. Pre-mounted or user glued tyres are allowed. 

Hop Ups

All hop-ups for 1/10 scale pan cars are allowed. 


Any ROAR approved 2s Li-Poly hardcase battery is allowed. HV Graphene batteries are allowed however, maximum charged voltage must not exceed 4.22v.


Any gearing is allowed. 


Minimum race-ready weight: 1050g (with transponder) 


Overall Max Width: 205mm

Wheelbase: 225mm - 280mm

Driving Aids

No electronic driving aids (steering control by gyroscope, Drag Reduction System, wheel speed sensors, etc.). Transmitter functions are allowed.   

Ride Height

Minimum ride height allowed is 4mm at race ride height.