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Australian Nats 1/10 EP On Road
Alycat - Presentation Report
Registered to Knox Off Road Car Club

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Saturday, 5 November 2016

Abbreviation used below:-
TQ =Top Qualifier (in class)
FTD=Fastest Time of Day (in class)
PBD=Personal Best of Day (for that driver)
PB =Personal Best (on this track for that driver)
TR =Track Record (for class)
TQ: Nick Krillis 18/6m19.229s
9th Brendan James (Q7) 16/6m2.258s(PBD in Rnd 4 15
8th Jack Krillis (Q9) 15/6m11.646s(PBD in Final Leg: 3 14
7th Megan Young (Q8) 17/6m21.071s(PBD in Final Leg: 3 9
6th Karr Kappe (Q4) 17/6m8.397s(PBD in Rnd 5 9
5th Nathan Healey (Q6) 17/6m12.308s(PBD in Rnd 5 8
4th Jake Koutsoheras (Q5) 17/6m15.063s(PBD in Final Leg: 3 6
3rd Lachlan Voss (Q3) 17/6m7.661s(PBD in Rnd 5 6
2nd Daniel Abbas (Q2) 17/6m3.162s(PBD in Rnd 4 3
1st Nick Krillis (TQ) 18/6m19.229s(FTD in Rnd 5 2
10th Des Block (Q29) 15/6m12.966s(PBD in Rnd 2 17
9th Lachlan James (Q30) 18/6m0.022s(PBD in Final Leg: 1 15
8th John Batich (Q28) 19/6m10.228s(PBD in Rnd 5 13
7th Theodore Theodorou (Q25) 19/6m0.840s(PBD in Rnd 5 12
6th Paul Slifka (Q24) 19/6m3.842s(PBD in Rnd 3 9
5th John Zhang (Q23) 19/6m7.620s(PBD in Rnd 2 7
4th Steve Young (Q26) 20/6m13.273s(PBD in Rnd 3 7
3rd Jamie Chesher (Q27) 19/6m5.018s(PBD in Final Leg: 2 5
2nd Micheal Powell (Q22) 20/6m16.872s(PBD in Rnd 3 4
1st Peter Miller (Q21) 20/6m14.772s(PBD in Rnd 3 2
10th Trevor Waye (Q15) 20/6m10.623s(PBD in Rnd 2 18
9th Ray Zarb (Q18) 20/6m13.215s(PBD in Rnd 4 15
8th Warren Maker (Q12) 20/6m10.260s(PBD in Rnd 5 13
7th Lyndon Turvey (Q19) 20/6m15.961s(PBD in Rnd 2 12
6th Jade Miller (Q20) 20/6m16.640s(PBD in Rnd 3 10
5th Jye Sanders (Q17) 20/6m10.538s(PBD in Rnd 3 7
4th Calvin Holmes (Q11) 20/6m6.856s(PBD in Rnd 2 6
3rd John Fry (Q16) 20/6m4.866s(PBD in Rnd 5 6
2nd Scott Hill (Q14) 20/6m10.056s(PBD in Rnd 4 4
1st Jason Milbourne (Q13) 20/6m3.262s(PBD in Final Leg: 2 2
TQ: Wayne Rabot 20/6m18.797s
10th Ian Miller (Q9) 20/6m2.095s(PBD in Rnd 5 18
9th Frank Spiteri (Q4) 21/6m17.747s(PBD in Rnd 5 14
8th Brad Palmer (Q5) 21/6m15.479s(PBD in Rnd 3 13
7th Chris Milton (Q6) 20/6m2.866s(PBD in Rnd 3 11
6th Brett Romanis (Q10) 20/6m1.464s(PBD in Rnd 4 11
5th Luke Young (Q7) 20/6m2.126s(PBD in Rnd 5 10
4th John Karnaros (Q8) 20/6m3.908s(PBD in Rnd 3 9
3rd Hani Abbas (Q3) 21/6m17.209s(PBD in Rnd 5 5
2nd Glen Wilson (Q2) 21/6m9.805s(PBD in Rnd 3 3
1st Wayne Rabot (TQ) 21/6m6.783s(FTD in Rnd 3 2
13.5 BINKY E
9th Max Hill (Q44) 20/6m8.423s(PBD in Rnd 1 15
8th Makka GC (Q49) 19/6m18.183s(PBD in Rnd 3 13
7th Leo Lorenzen (Q47) 19/6m8.213s(PBD in Final Leg: 1 12
6th Nic Michaelides (Q46) 20/6m6.514s(PBD in Rnd 2 10
5th Chris Gorgioski (Q45) 20/6m4.041s(PBD in Rnd 3 7
4th Clive Silva (Q41) 21/6m13.643s(PBD in Final Leg: 1 5
3rd Christopher Schmidt (Q48) 20/6m11.934s(PBD in Final Leg: 3 4
2nd David Rush (Q42) 21/6m14.350s(PBD in Final Leg: 1 4
1st Scott Giles (Q43) 21/6m10.952s(PBD in Final Leg: 1 2
13.5 BINKY D
10th Gavin Hatherly (Q32) 21/6m4.583s(PBD in Rnd 3 20
9th Hayden Slee (Q37) 21/6m9.273s(PBD in Rnd 3 16
8th David Dalton (Q39) 21/6m7.918s(PBD in Rnd 2 13
7th Jon Theodorou (Q36) 21/6m6.205s(PBD in Rnd 2 12
6th Allan Zhang (Q35) 21/6m5.809s(PBD in Rnd 4 8
5th Nic Poltronieri (Q40) 21/6m11.319s(PBD in Rnd 2 8
4th Reece Schaefer (Q38) 21/6m7.404s(PBD in Rnd 4 5
3rd Andrew Pimblett (Q31) 21/6m3.761s(PBD in Rnd 2 4
2nd Anthony Mara (Q33) 21/6m0.259s(PBD in Rnd 4 4
1st Andrew Adamic (Q34) 21/6m2.772s(PBD in Rnd 4 2
13.5 BINKY C
10th Chris Chamoun (Q29) 22/6m16.313s(PBD in Rnd 4 17
9th Davison Nguyen (Q25) 22/6m11.347s(PBD in Rnd 3 17
8th Nigel George (Q27) 22/6m15.836s(PBD in Rnd 3 14
7th Damien Nisi (Q28) 22/6m12.333s(PBD in Rnd 4 11
6th Mattew Pimblett (Q24) 22/6m16.775s(PBD in Rnd 1 10
5th Grant Soerono (Q26) 22/6m17.056s(PBD in Rnd 2 8
4th Gavin Frandsen (Q30) 21/6m0.219s(PBD in Rnd 4 7
3rd Brett Norris (Q21) 22/6m11.653s(PBD in Rnd 4 6
2nd Lee Harvey (Q23) 22/6m12.832s(PBD in Rnd 4 5
1st Bethany Cullen (Q22) 22/6m10.851s(PBD in Rnd 4 2
13.5 BINKY B
10th Ben Kleinschmidt (Q12) 22/6m3.938s(PBD in Rnd 2 17
9th Terry Norman (Q17) 22/6m7.083s(PBD in Rnd 4 13
8th Stephen Awizen (Q19) 22/6m13.415s(PBD in Rnd 4 13
7th Damien Ware (Q11) 22/6m6.527s(PBD in Rnd 5 11
6th Angelo Bordon (Q15) 22/6m3.800s(PBD in Rnd 4 9
5th Keith MacKrill (Q20) 22/6m4.281s(PBD in Rnd 4 8
4th Jordan Hunting (Q18) 22/6m11.106s(PBD in Rnd 4 8
3rd Iain Schwartz (Q14) 22/6m8.668s(PBD in Rnd 3 7
2nd John Krillis (Q13) 22/6m8.239s(PBD in Rnd 4 6
1st David Calwell (Q16) 22/6m6.025s(PBD in Rnd 3 2
13.5 BINKY A
TQ: Tom De Nardis 20/6m6.194s
10th Chris Kyriacou (Q5) 23/6m13.649s(PBD in Rnd 4 16
9th Chris Bismire (Q8) 22/6m0.820s(PBD in Rnd 4 15
8th Dean Paraskevas (Q6) 22/6m1.173s(PBD in Rnd 5 13
7th Martin Grantham (Q10) 22/6m6.492s(PBD in Rnd 2 12
6th John Puse (Q9) 23/6m12.721s(PBD in Rnd 4 11
5th Nick Sanfilippo (Q4) 23/6m14.030s(PBD in Rnd 4 8
4th Simon Healy (Q7) 22/6m3.709s(PBD in Rnd 3 7
3rd Chris Stack (Q3) 23/6m5.796s(PBD in Rnd 4 5
2nd Tony McMahon (Q2) 23/6m5.385s(PBD in Rnd 3 3
1st Tom De Nardis (TQ) 23/6m2.820s(FTD in Rnd 5 2
8th Mark Wallin (Q28) 18/5m3.768s(PBD in Rnd 4 16
7th Scott Callaghan (Q27) 18/5m1.162s(PBD in Rnd 2 8
6th John Grenville (Q24) 19/5m13.796s(PBD in Rnd 4 8
5th George Kolovos (Q26) 19/5m13.390s(PBD in Rnd 3 8
4th Brenton Bull (Q23) 19/5m7.369s(PBD in Rnd 4 7
3rd Brian Stewart (Q25) 19/5m15.024s(PBD in Rnd 4 7
2nd Scott Killford (Q22) 19/5m6.059s(PBD in Rnd 4 3
1st Peter Grayson (Q21) 19/5m8.407s(PBD in Rnd 3 2
10th Simon Noton (Q18) 19/5m1.742s(PBD in Rnd 4 17
9th Mat Valentine (Q20) 19/5m5.999s(PBD in Rnd 2 13
8th Ed Clark (Q16) 19/5m2.669s(PBD in Rnd 4 11
7th Lionel Saunders (Q11) 19/5m0.893s(PBD in Rnd 1 10
6th Darrell Khemlani (Q19) 19/5m2.403s(PBD in Rnd 3 10
5th Peter Beckett (Q17) 19/5m0.132s(PBD in Rnd 3 9
4th Carter Sims (Q15) 19/5m1.279s(PBD in Rnd 2 5
3rd Brad Portelli (Q12) 19/5m0.398s(PBD in Rnd 1 5
2nd Micheal Clark (Q14) 19/5m0.587s(PBD in Rnd 4 4
1st Scott Rawling (Q13) 19/5m0.373s(PBD in Rnd 4 2
TQ: Ryan Maker 19/5m8.407s
10th Sandy Lavazzo (Q4) 20/5m6.157s(PBD in Rnd 3 19
9th Chris Kalfoglou (Q9) 20/5m9.623s(PBD in Rnd 4 15
8th Todd George (Q8) 20/5m9.406s(PBD in Rnd 3 12
7th Nathan Reese (Q10) 20/5m10.488s(PBD in Rnd 4 10
6th Jack McMillan (Q7) 20/5m5.834s(PBD in Rnd 4 10
5th Jordan Cullis (Q6) 20/5m4.389s(PBD in Rnd 4 8
4th Jeffery MacKie (Q3) 20/5m3.194s(PBD in Rnd 3 8
3rd Antoni Caretti (Q5) 20/5m3.240s(PBD in Rnd 4 4
2nd Ronald Volker (Q2) 21/5m12.767s(FTD in Rnd 4 3
1st Ryan Maker (TQ) 21/5m13.412s(PBD in Rnd 4 3
1/12 PAN B
3rd Rudolf Rizkalla (Q12) 27/8m8.225s(PBD in Rnd 2 2
2nd Makka GC (Q13) 25/8m3.445s(PBD in Rnd 4 1
1st Warren Buttriss (Q11) 28/8m15.328s(PBD in Rnd 2 1
1/12 PAN A
TQ: Paul Sims 28/8m15.328s
10th Mark Wallin (Q4) 31/8m11.067s(PBD in Rnd 5 18
9th Dean Paraskevas (Q6) 29/8m0.656s(PBD in Rnd 1 18
8th Jovis Cardente (Q10) 27/8m6.097s(PBD in Rnd 4 14
7th Scott Callaghan (Q8) 30/8m14.411s(PBD in Rnd 4 12
6th Christrian Searl (Q9) 29/8m12.433s(PBD in Final Leg: 3 11
5th Andy Cooke (Q3) 31/8m10.674s(PBD in Rnd 4 7
4th Ed Clark (Q5) 31/8m13.928s(PBD in Final Leg: 3 6
3rd Simon Noton (Q7) 30/8m15.522s(PBD in Final Leg: 1 5
2nd Paul Sims (TQ) 31/8m4.569s(PBD in Rnd 3 4
1st Chris Peet (Q2) 31/8m1.658s(FTD in Rnd 5 2
F1 B
DNS Terry Norman (Q19) 8/4m6.222s(PBD in Rnd 1
8th Peter Sprenger (Q16) 17/6m18.836s(PBD in Rnd 3
7th Jovis Cardente (Q12) 18/6m11.462s(PBD in Rnd 3
6th Theodore Theodorou (Q15) 26/10m7.367s(PBD in Final Leg: 1
5th Leo Lorenzen (Q18) 27/10m7.066s(PBD in Final Leg: 1
4th Davison Nguyen (Q17) 28/10m19.363s(PBD in Final Leg: 1
3rd John Karmaros (Q13) 29/10m12.046s(PBD in Final Leg: 1
2nd David Stevens (Q14) 30/10m16.591s(PBD in Final Leg: 1
1st Hayden Slee (Q11) 30/10m12.235s(PBD in Final Leg: 1
F1 A
TQ: Andy Cooke 18/6m0.304s
10th Brett Romanis (Q9) 20/9m57.773s(PBD in Final Leg: 1
9th Martin Grantham (Q10) 27/10m15.853s(PBD in Final Leg: 1
8th David Bain (Q8) 28/10m16.440s(PBD in Final Leg: 1
7th Damian Nisi (Q6) 29/10m18.167s(PBD in Final Leg: 1
6th Andrew Pimblett (Q5) 29/10m11.505s(PBD in Final Leg: 1
5th Chris Peet (Q3) 30/10m5.884s(PBD in Final Leg: 1
4th Scott Rawling (Q2) 30/10m5.183s(PBD in Final Leg: 1
3rd Andy Cooke (TQ) 20/6m17.095s(FTD in Rnd 3 30/10m2.775s(PBD in Final Leg: 1
2nd Scott Giles (Q4) 31/10m18.784s(PBD in Final Leg: 1
1st Bethany Cullen (Q7) 31/10m14.025s(FTD in Final Leg: 1