2018 TFTR Pan Car Challenge

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 Essential RC, Bezerk RC and TFTR proudly present the 2018 Pan Car Challenge!

1/12, F1 and Pro10 - a full day of nothing but pan car racing!!!


1/12 Stock (handout tyre) 
1/12 Mod (handout tyre)
Pro10 Stock (13.5t Blinky)
Pro10 Mod



General Class rules: 

Any commercially available 1/12, 1/10 or F1 rear wheel drive only pan car chassis can be used. While participants are more than welcome to bring custom creations to race at the event, they must adhere to the basic structure of pan cars: 

- Rear wheel drive Pan Car chassis with T-bar, V-Link or Pivot Ball Link; 
- No independent rear suspension.


Class rules:


- 13.5t 1s Blinky and 1s open mod;
- Bodies are open so if you want to run a GT12 body, you are completely free to do so; 
- Handout tyres are a combo that works best at TFTR: Ulti XSS rear and Ulti JM front;
- Entry fee includes 2x sets of the handout tyres;
- Recommended traction additive for TFTR is LG2 (we have tried countless others and LG2 yields the best results by far) 


- 21.5t Blinky; 
- Rubber tires/traction additive are open; 
- Foam tires are not allowed in the interest of maintaining a level playing field

For a more detailed look into the rules for the F1 class, please check out http://rcformula1.com.au/index.php/australian-news/rules 

N.B. the rule referring to the independent rear suspension chassis is reserved only to the 3Racing chassis that feature IRS as standard from the factory (e.g. FGX). Foam tyres are not allowed at the event in the F1 class. 


- 13.5t Blinky Stock (2s) and Open mod (2s)
- Pro10 chassis are 235mm, however, we welcome 200mm RWD only pan cars with GT or LMP bodies as well. Perfect time to bring the old RC10L out of retirement! 
- Recommended tires: Team Shepherd 25sh rear and Team Shepherd 30sh front or BSR Double Pink front 
- Recommended traction additive: LG2


General event rules: 

- Minimum of 3 entries are required to run a class; 
- Random voltage checks will be conducted throughout the event - any battery showing a voltage of over 4.22v/cell will be disqualified (2 strikes maximum - after which the offender will be asked to leave the event)


As you can tell, this is a very loose event designed simply to enjoy the awesomeness that are pan cars! 

Entries for the event open on 1st October 2018 and registration will be via the TFTR website. We will keep everyone up-to-date once the entry form goes live. 

Our interstate guests will have dibs on the pit table allocation. 



$30 for the first class entry

+$15 each for additional classes

+$50 for each entry into a 1/12 scale class (2x sets of handout tyres with each entry e.g. $30+$50= $80 for the first entry. $15+$50=$65 each for an additional entry into a 1/12 class)